Young Researchers Awards go to… - Food Integrity Parma 2017
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Young Researchers Awards go to…

Young Researchers Awards go to…

 Young Researchers Awards have been given to 6 young FoodIntegrity scientists who presented particularly inspiring oral sessions and posters.
We are glad and proud to announce their names.

Sara Erasmus (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) – Volatile fingerprinting using PTR-MS paves the way for South African lamb to acquire PGI status.

Telmo Fernandes (Universidade do Porto, Portugal) – COIBar-HRM as a novel approach for the discrimination of hake species.

Barbara Prandi (University of Parma, Italy) – Food fraud detection through species-specific marker peptide.

Laura Righetti (University of Parma, Italy) – A novel approach to authenticate whole and refined grain durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) based on untargeted lipidomics.

Michal Stupak (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic) – Non-target screening strategy based on GC-Q-TOF for Scotch whisky authentication.

Kenny Xie (United States Pharmacopeia, USA) – Non-targeted Methods guidance – overview of draft USP guidance.

The winners were granted the opportunity to give a talk during a specific session of the Conference and received a symbolic contribution from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.