Poster Awards: winners and titles - Food Integrity Parma 2017
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Poster Awards: winners and titles

Poster Awards: winners and titles

On May 11th, Poster Awards were given to three research teams. We are glad to announce the posters’ titles and authors:

Comprehensive assessment of DNA quality for accurate quantitative meat food speciation
By D. Cravero, F. Cerutti, M.G. Maniaci, P. Barzanti, S. Martorello, M.V. Riina, F. Ingravalle, P.L. Acutis, S. Peletto

One-site DNA testing for species authenticity in food and natural health products
By A.M. Naaum, R. Hanner, S. Newmaster

Gaming simulation as rapid method for risk based foodintegrity knowledge engineering and evidence based decision making – a case study
By J.A. Kleboth, P.A. Luning, V. Fogliano

The Poster Awards winners will be entitled to a free registration for the Conference FoodIntegrity 2018, granted by Unione Parmense degli Industriali (Union of the Industrial entrepreneurs of Parma).
The judging committee included Lynn Frewer (Newcastle University), Diego Luis Garcia Gonzalez (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Sevilla), Rolando Lorenzetti (Consorzio Italbiotec), Elena Maestri (University of Parma), Jean François Morin (Eurofins Analytics), Monika Tomaniova (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), Ana Garrido Varo (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) and Andrew Watson (Institute of Food Research UK).