Sponsorship invitation - Food Integrity Parma 2017
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Sponsorship invitation

Would you like to become a sponsor of the 4th FoodIntegrity Conference?
The invitation is extended to companies and istitutions.

The Conference is part of a European Funded project, that involves food retailers, processing food industries, quality brands, public administration, control laboratories, NGOs and the research community.

This 4th edition of the Conference will probably involve over 350 participants from all over the world, and might be a fine occasion to make your company/Institution known to a wide and highly specialized audience.

There are different sponsorship packages available that can be tailored to your requirements, these range from exhibiting your promotional material and/or be included in the conference communications, via the website or book of abstracts etc.
You can also organize a technical seminar about your product and service.

You could also arrange to hold a technical seminar about your product. Alternatively, sponsor a prize for the young scientists.

Choose your “menu” and become a part of FoodIntegrity Conference 2017!