Side event CEN/Authent-Net - Food Integrity Parma 2017
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Side event CEN/Authent-Net

Authenticity in the feed and the food chain – General principles and basic requirements

Kick-off meeting for the standardization process

Date & Time

May 11th
2.00 pm – 5.00 pm


One of the goals of the AUTHENT-NET project is develop a low-level European voluntary standard (a CEN Workshop Agreement, or CWA) called “Authenticity in the feed and the food chain – General principles and basic requirements”. As part of the CEN workshop process, a kick-off meeting will be held in connection with the 2017 Food Integrity Conference.


The purpose of this workshop is to start the process of creating consensus-based recommendations for definitions of key terms and concepts related to food authenticity, and to provide recommendations for “best practice” underlying future communication and work related to food authenticity.


All interested parties are welcome to register for participation. A draft project plan can be found CEN website, and will be discussed further at the workshop:


> Dowload the flyer

For registering attendance, and for more information, please contact:

Petter Olsen, Nofima

Patrick Berg Sørdahl, Nofima